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General terms and conditions of the online shop ed-ericadesign.com are created in compliance with Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) based on the recommendations of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije) and international codes of electronic commerce. General terms and conditions consider operation of the online shop ed-ericadesign.com, rights and obligations of the buyer and regulate business between the seller or the online shop operator and the buyer.


Website ed-ericadesign.com is an online shop for jewellery that is hand-crafted in a design studio in Slovenia. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by prompt data input, explanations and counselling when choosing or buying products and with post-purchase information. Online shop is managed by Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign who regulates general and other terms and conditions and is the manufacturer of the products and is responsible for published content and processing of orders compliant with the published terms and conditions.

  • Full name: MODNO OBLIKOVANJE NAKITA, Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign
  • Address: Neveljska pot 12, 1241 Kamnik, Mekinje
  • Tax ID number: 38441519 (I am not VAT registered person based on Paragraph 1 Article 94 of Value Added Tax Act)
  • Registration number: 8070512000
  • E-mail: info@ed-ericadesign.com
  • Phone number: 00386 70 824 559
  • Transaction account: SI56 6100 0001 8087 161 (Delavska hranilnica)
  • Facebook: EricaDesign
  • Instagram: erica_design


The seller binds oneself to always provide the following information to the buyer:
information about the company Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign (name and head office, registration number)
contact information which enable fast and effective communication for the user (e-mail, phone number)
crucial characteristics of the product (including post-sales services and warranties)
product availability (each product on the website is available within a reasonable deadline)
terms of product delivery (and the methods, place and delivery times)
prices, which must be clearly and unambiguously presented, clearly showing whether tax, delivery costs and other charges are included
arrangements for payment and delivery
offer time validity
deadline of contract termination and terms for contract termination, together with information on possible costs for the buyer in case of product return
explanation of the complaint process including all information of the contact person.


Due to the nature of business online and selling products in stands, the offer of ed-ericadesign.com is updated and changed very often and fast. All prices on ed-ericadesign.com are in Euros (EUR) and are valid until their withdrawal. The price is valid for online purchase as 100% cash payment or payment of pro forma invoice via bank transfer to bank account. EricaDesign shop withholds the right that a certain product is not in stock or cannot be made despite it being published on the website ed-ericadesign.com.

The company MODNO OBLIKOVANJE NAKITA, Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign is not VAT registered person based on Paragraph 1 Article 94 of Value Added Tax Act. The prices are valid at the time of the purchase and do not have fore determined validity. Prices are valid for payments that are listed above as payment methods under the above mentioned conditions. Discounts, promotion codes etc. cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

We allow the possibility of error in product technical specifications entries. Product photos are partially symbolic due to each piece is handmade. Consequently, a product can have a minimal deviation in teksture or colour. But we assure you that the product you will receive will resemble to the one in the picture. In case of unclarity, please contact us at info@ed-ericadesign.com.


For products that are made to order we need 2-6 working days for manufacturing the product before the ordered product is handed in for delivery. Available products will be shipped in 2-3 business days after receiving payment.


Orders can be placed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The purchase contract between the seller and the buyer in online shop is concluded at the moment when the seller sends the buyer the first e-mail order confirmation. From that moment on all the prices and other terms are fixed and valid for the seller as well as for the buyer. In an online shop the buyer chooses between products and their variations in the drop down menu. Once the product is chosen, he or she clicks Add to cart button. When the product is added to cart, it is visible in it. If the buyer wishes to change the quantity of ordered product which is already in the cart, they can change the quantity of a certain product by clicking Checkout button and then change the quantity or remove the products from the cart by clicking the X button. The buyer then moves down the website, enters his or her personal data for delivery and at the bottom selects Payment method and finally confirms the order by clicking Place order. The buyer is diverted to a page with data of placed order or information for bank transfer.

After placing the order the buyer receives an order confirmation via e-mail. During that phase the buyer has the chance to cancel the order within one hour. If the buyer does not cancel the order, it goes into further processing, when the seller reviews the order, checks availability of ordered products and confirms the order or rejects it for a reason. The seller may call the buyers’s contact phone number in order to check the information or to ensure the correctness of supply. The buyer is informed via e-mail regarding up-to-date information of goods supply. If the delivery time is very long and the buyer does not wish to wait, the buyer can inform the seller and the product will be removed from the order and any advanced payments will be returned, other products from the order will be, up to the buyer’s choosing, either delivered or the whole order will be cancelled. Because our products are hand-made it may occur due to large number of orders that the delivery time is prolonged.

The seller prepares the goods, sends and informs the buyer via e-mail at agreed time. The seller also informs the buyer about return policy, who he or she can turn to in case of delivery delays and who to turn to in case of complaint.


By payment via PayPal System where you will be diverted to PayPal website for payment.

After shipping the products, the seller sends and issues an invoice with specified costs in pdf format via e-mail. The invoice is also sent together with the shipment.

The order is saved in electronic form on the seller’s server and available to the buyer at any time in his user profile.


Every order placed via EricaDesign shop system will be processed in the same day or the next working day after order placement at the latest. In case this would not be possible for whatever reason, you will be informed. After order confirmation the package will be delivered or ready for pick-up in 2 to 6 working days (depending on stock). If the delivery is not possible within delivery time frame or it would be done earlier, the buyer will be informed by EricaDesign shop.

Our delivery partner is POŠTA SLOVENIJE, but the seller withholds the right of opting for another delivery company to ensure more effective delivery.

Delivery within Slovenia is 2€, for the rest of Europe 6€, for Canada and America 8€ and for all other continents 10€.


The consumer has the right to inform the seller that he or she withdraws from the contract within 14 days of accepting the goods without explanation. The deadline starts one day after the parcel is accepted. The consumer must inform the seller of withdrawal of the contract via email: info@ed-ericadesign.com

In case of withdrawal of the contract the consumer returns the product by post to seller’s address: Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign, Neveljska pot 12, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia

The product must be returned to the seller undamaged and in unchanged quantity and in original packaging, except in the case where the product is destroyed or if the product’s quantity was reduced and the consumer is not responsible for that. The consumer must not use the products until the withdrawal of the contract. The only expense for the consumer with regard to the withdrawal of the contract is the cost for the return of the product (which in the case of shipping is charged according to the price list of the delivery service). The product must be returned to the seller no later than 30 days of the sent notice of withdrawal of the contract.

IMPORTANT! When returning the product it is of extreme importance that the product is packaged in a hard box – we recommend using the same box you received the product in. Provided that the product will not be properly protected (packed in an envelope without the hard box) and is damaged during transport (which will surely happen if not protected properly) it will be the responsibility of the consumer and thus, the seller is not bound to reimburse the money on account of being assumed that the product was damaged or destroyed because the consumer has failed to properly protect it.

The consumer cannot withdraw a contract where the object of the contract is the product made according to consumer’s exact instructions, adapted to their personal needs and due to its nature is not appropriate for return or the product that has been used and cannot be further sold due to hygienic reasons.

Refund of the payments will be carried out as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after receiving notice of withdrawal of the contract. Due to ensuring finality, accuracy and timeliness of refunds and ensuring records of payments, refunds are carried out solely via bank transfer to their bank account.


If the wrong products were delivered, the buyer returns the products which will be replaced by the seller free of charge. In this case the seller covers delivery costs. The seller does not cover cost of returned items where no wrongdoing from the seller has been determined. Originally delivered products must be returned unused, undamaged and in original packaging. They must be returned properly protected from transport damages – packed in a hard box, if possible, in the same box you have received the products.

If delivered products do not match the characteristics or specifications of the ordered products (delivery of faulty products), the buyer must inform the seller in eight days form the date the product was received. The company Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign is not responsible for faults that occur six months after the delivery.

Consumer or buyer must describe the fault in detail in the notice of material defect and enable the holder of online shop and product manufacturer Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign to examine the product. Under the head of material defect the consumer may by their choosing demand: repair or refund of the paid sum in proportion to the defect or exchange of the product or refund of the paid sum. The right to enforce material defect is regulated by Consumer Protection Act.


Online shop EricaDesign may offer different discounts and promotions. Discounts are clearly marked together with the product. Discounts may not be combined with other gift vouchers. Discounts cannot be exchanged for cash. In case you purchase the product before discounts, you are not entitled to extra discounts, even if the same products are reduced.

Discount vouchers cannot be used for custom made products and discounts do not apply for custom made products.
We withhold the right to error of published discounts. Discounts are valid for a certain period unless stated and published otherwise. Discount apply to clearance products. We withhold the right that during discounts period a certain product is no longer in stock and cannot be made.

Availability of entire offer on the website ed-ericadesign.com and social media, which represent this website, is limited.


As the manager of the online shop ed-ericadesign.com, I, Pirš Koprivec Erika s.p., EricaDesign compliant with Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) bind myself to protect privacy of users and will not distribute their personal data to third parties. The user agrees that website ed-ericadesign.com uses their data for the purpose of analysis, with which the user explicitly contends. The user is not bound to reveal their identity unless they choose so. Website ed-ericadesign.com binds itself to maximum care for privacy of all data , but warns about the possibility of abuse. The user also holds the responsibility for the protection of personal data by ensuring safety of their username and password and by using appropriate software (anti virus) computer protection. ed-ericadesign.com holds the following data indefinitely: name and surname, address, contact phone number, home address and delivery addresses and country, time and date of registration and archive of communication with ed-ericadesign.com.

Advice for users:
The user must protect their username and password for accessing web services of website ed-ericadesign.com. In case of unauthorised use of the user’s data the injured user should inform the website of the violation of their user’s rights in writing. The user is responsible for reading, opening and viewing all content of the website. There is no age restriction for content on ed-ericadesign.com. The user may at any time or for whatever reason delete registration on the website ed-ericadesign.com in writing. The website holds the right to short unavailabilities of the website ed-ericadesign.com due to technical reasons of maintenance and hardware exchange and binds itself to inform the users in advance when unavailabilities are longer (more than 24 hours).


The provider will contact the user using communication long range services only if the user does not explicitly object. Advertisement e-mail will include the following:
clearly legible sender
various offers, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such (terms for participation will be clearly determined)
unsubscription from the mailing list will be clearly presented
user’s wish to be unsubscribed from the mailing list will be explicitly respected.


By using EricaDesign online shop you agree with the use of cookies in your browser. They are saved on your disk and ensure a better user experience when visiting the website (which products have been added to cart, are you already signed in, which settings have you chosen, etc.).

Cookies are not dangerous. They are not computer programmes and cannot affect your computer operation. During browsing the website cookies are saved in your browser which enable our advertising partner to advertise ed-ericadesign.com on other websites. The service does not collect or save any personal data.


Website ed-ericadesign.com is owned by Erika Pirš Koprivec including all content, logos, photos and other audio-visual and written content. All previously mentioned elements are subject of intellectual property which only Pirš Koprivec Erika has the right to use. The website user has the right to access the website and a registered user also has the right to use features allowed for use to the registered user. By accessing the website the user is allowed to use the content of the website in a limited, non-explicit manner and for private purposes only under the terms from these general terms and conditions. Any other reproduction or other uses of any content of the website or use for any other purpose including commercial use or for third party is prohibited without prior written consent of Pirš Koprivec Erika.


By signing up for e-news the user agrees to be informed of novelties and promotions on our website. The seller binds oneself that user’s e-mail address will not be misused or given to third party. The user can at any time unsubscribe from receiving e-news.


The provider tries to ensure that the data published on the website is up-to-date and correct. However, the characteristics of products, delivery period or price can change so fast that the provider does not manage to correct the data on the website. In such case the buyer will be informed of such changes by the provider and the buyer may resign from the order or exchange the ordered product.

Although the provider tries to ensure precise photos of the products, all photos should be regarded as symbolic. Photos do not guarantee the characteristics of the product. The provider withholds the right to alter terms and conditions at any time and in any way regardless of the reason and with no prior warning.

The seller has the option to resign from the contract in case of manifest error (Article 46 Code of Obligation). Manifest error is regarded as an error in essential characteristics of the product and all errors that are usually regarded as decisive in shops or by the intention of customers and the seller when aware of them would not confirm or conclude a contract. This includes manifest error in price.


The provider respects the valid legislation for customer protection. The provider tries to fulfil their duty to set up an effective system of considerations of complaints and to appoint a person the buyer can contact via phone or e-mail in case of problems. The complaint is sent via e-mail info@ed-ericadesign.com. The complaint consideration process is confidential.

Online shop EricaDesign tries its best for possible disputes to be solved by common consent. The shop’s mission are satisfied customers and products in everyday use. I am always available to you via e-mail info@ed-ericadesign.com to resolve any doubts and questions that may arise.

General terms and conditions are valid from 1st March 2018.